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Spotlight is your destination for high quality affordable marketing. The marketeers have years of experience in the industry, and are willing to go above and beyond for your marketing needs.

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Social Media​​

Elevate your online presence with a new, data-driven social media strategy tailored exclusively to your business.

Digital Advertising

Kick your business into overdrive with lead generation, sphere of influence, branding, and retargeting ad campaigns.

Video Production

Becoming the star you were born to be is easy to do with our video production specialists!

Direct Mail

Put your name and face directly in the mailboxes of potential buyers and sellers.

Email Marketing

Keep your name in your clients’ minds by creating a sustained presence in their inboxes.

CRM & Drips

Built in-house with collaboration from our real estate partners, our CRM offerseverything you need to stay on top of your leads.

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Copywriter & Social Media Expert

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Our clients and partners see us as more than a consultancy agency. We build and cultivate strong relations, so that every need and each solution is a synergistic achievement, at the same time that future business and customer benefits are ensured.

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