Direct Mail

Put your business in front of buyers & sellers with 

Direct Mail 

We’ll work with you to write, design, and distribute custom pieces of marketing material to
local communities, geo-targeted lists, or past customers in order to drive more business. 
Want to hit potential clients with a 1-2 punch? We can retarget interest by making sure everyone
who receives a piece of mail also sees you in a digital ad campaign. 

Why do I need direct mail?

Just Sold

Just sell a property and think other people in the area might be interested in selling? Send out a postcard to the homes immediately surrounding the property to let prospective sellers know how quickly you’re able to move homes in the area.

We can design, print, and mail your postcards to fully customizable mail routes to ensure you’re only hitting the mailboxes you want to hit.

Holidays & Milestones

Let past clients and prospective customers know you’re thinking of them on holidays, birthdays, and important milestones, like:

  • Birthdays 
  • Home purchase anniversaries 
  • Home sale anniversaries
  • Major holidays